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It doesn’t matter how many days of the week you actually have class, the profs will find a way to make every waking moment a living hell

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I wanna be a good enough cook one day to actually use all four stove-tops at once. Or just enough of a fat-ass. 

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id love to be at ax right now and to be able to enjoy a hearty dash independence day memes upon coming back to my hotel room !!

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haha i can’t even recall if you’re supposed to traditionally set off fireworks tonight, the night before the 4th, or the actual night of the 4th

-completely out of sync with own nation-

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ok im up and rdy to hit post limit first thing in the morning

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Hello fellow Hunter x Hunter fans, first and foremost, 


If you ever need a metaphorical internet shoulder to cry on to handle the post-traumatic experience, I am here for you. As for those who haven’t picked up this beautiful series yet, for shame… FOR SHAME!!

I went ahead and made a mock-up design for this shirt idea (thanks all for the likes and reblogs on this by the way). Spent hours working my head around how to go about with the typography, wanting to keep it simple yet have it encapsulate the tag-line concept as well the story concept its based off of. But in the end, both Hunter x Hunter and its Chimera Ant Arc are far too beyond my design sense, so I opted for emulating the style of the series’s logo in the arc’s opening sequence. 

Spent some painstaking hours re-creating the texture and color palette, but it still looks non-satisfactorily mismatching to me, so I might go back and re-touch things if I decide to finalize it (and maybe add some other tidbits while I’m at it).  

Not sure how I feel about actually printing the shirt. I’d fucking love one for myself. If a considerable people show interest, I’d like to order a minimal stock and add the shirt to the new catalog on the online store.

Once again, likes, replies, reblogs are welcome and really appreciated! 

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i want to make a shirt that says this

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my aptmates were smoking earlier so my aptmate’s cat left the room, found its way to my room and ambushed me with a myowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

i put him in a box and he didn’t stay  so i let him lie on my lap

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The Christmas Playlist

For the modern day student, it  can be hard to start enjoying Christmas the right way when your early December calendar is plastered from Monday to Friday with the cramming  of one exam-subject after another and the actual final exam-taking that follows. It’s been many a years that I’ve found myself heading home for the holidays and suddenly in the eye of the Christmas-spirit storm without so much as a wardrobe, shopping list, or even playlist to accommodate the festivities. And for me, instead of riding on sleds and sleighs, I can almost always ride on the fact that I won’t really have any legitimate plans for the holiday season to look forward to, with neither friends nor family. As such, something like a Christmas playlist becomes exceptionally more essential for getting into the mood, regardless of actual happenstance. Being home alone on Christmas can be its own reward, as an adored movie series has shown us from an early age, but I’ll be aiming to convey this in a different manner.

What better time to start celebrating Christmas at the wrong time than in June, the polar opposite month of our frosty December? Maybe it’s something about the midsummer situation that has us anticipating a beloved holiday to counteract dreading an oncoming school term (lest we forget October and November’s respective festivities) or maybe it’s something about  the refreshing winter winds psychologically safeguarding us from the summer heat wave (of course, in the end, these are really just circumstantial to regionality and your respective status as a student or not). Needless to say and regardless of locality, any time is a good time for joy to the world.

Over the next six months, I’ll be accumulating The Christmas Playlist, a, well… playlist for the Christmas every-man, to really get those spirits lifted! These songs will be open to all genres and languages, to stay true to the pursuit of universal happiness, and will be listed in no particular order at first, in consideration for any new releases this coming November-December period; but will be ranked by the time that glorious date of the 25th comes around. With one song every one-to-two days, in the end I’m hoping to have a catalog one-hundred strong and as bustling as shopping centers during that time of year. Now, without further ado, it’s time to starting checking this list once.

#01. J Rabbit – “Sleigh Ride”
Album: Merry Christmas From J Rabbit


South Korean female duo J Rabbit’s rendition of the classic “Sleigh Ride” is a bubbly blend of instrumentals and cantillation. There’s already a touch of quirkiness with vocalist Jung Hye-sun’s peculiar pronunciation of the English lyrics (safe to assume it’s a secondhand language for her, I’d say), but her unique modulated cover of the song, rife with catchy stressed syllables and alternating tempos, excels the performance to the status of my personal favorite version of any song about mushing through the snow on a light vehicle with runners. J Rabbit’s music in general centers around the topics of love, happiness, hope, courage and cheer, and it seems that even special Christmas-themed productions fall into that credenda all the same. You’d also better believe it goes without saying that the rest of the group’s discography is a matching burst of energy wholly worthy of your meandering, after you’ve gone and replayed this tune over and over ‘til the season’s end, that is.

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「Slice of Life」 In-N-Out Burger Part #01. My Favorite Part of the Day 

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i found this photo on my computer HAHA

i found this photo on my computer HAHA

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携帯電話 /と/ デジタル一眼レフ
beach edition
phone: Samsung Galaxy S III
dslr: Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

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»needs to make a trip to Daiso«

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finally reviewing camera footage from the beach!! great bokeh shotsssssssssssssss

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