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i have discovered that snapchat saves snaps on your phone for a certain amount of time, heauyha

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 six six six six sixs 666 666 66 6     66  66666666666 666

this is turning into pretty grueling work, might go b  ack to the old release schedule , or just one that isn ‘t a new video everyday

 anyways, like and share if ya support nihongo+6

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 wsup then, you didn’t think i’d make two videos in one day? wrong, you dont fucking know me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! konnichiwa bitches!!!

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uh, i’ll reblog later today since it’s 2 am, but here’s 4th video now for the late night owlers

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Breaking in the In & Out shirt and reppin’ the best fast-food eatery at none other than… …the doctor’s..!

Breaking in the In & Out shirt and reppin’ the best fast-food eatery at none other than… …the doctor’s..!

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I made a Vine of it, hheauehaehaeuaheaueahHA

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this ragga artist on twitter named Amon favorited my tokyo ghoul live-tweets because I mentioned Amon lmao

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I started uploading this at 7 A.M. after not sleeping all night but then crashed before it finished so sharing now, h ehh

「Learning Japanese (Language) #002.」 Katakana 

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Music Challenge

“You can tell a lot about a person from what they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod and list the first 10 songs then tag 10 people”

I was tagged by eqohz

1. Motohiro Nakashima - Song Before You Came (We Hum on the Way Home) [Listen here]

2. The Hush Sound - Weeping Willow (So Sudden) [Listen here]

3. Childish Gambino - American Royalty (feat. RZA and Hypnotic Brass Orchestra) (R O Y A L T Y) [Listen here]

4. Lights - Where The Fence Is Low (Siberia) [Listen here]

5. Kotoringo - She’s A Rainbow (PICNIC album 2) [Listen here]

6. Vampire Weekend - Don’t Lie (Modern Vampires of the City) [Listen here]

7. Super Egg Machine - Giniro (All Black or Nothing) [Listen here]

8. My Little Airport - Audrey Concerning The Scenery (The OK Thing To Do On Sunday Afternoon Is To Toddle In The Zoo) [Couldn’t find stream link, sorry]

9. Asteria - Midnight Fix (Slip Into Something More Comfortable) [Listen here]

10. 1000say - Sagitarius (Apollon) [Listen here]

I’ll tag
1. @dollgirls
2. @fck-r
3. @piecesofsunny
4. @krapsyk
5. @shieno
6. @eqohz tagback, hah

7.-10. Err, no one else really talks to me on this site, or that I can remember off the top of me head, and can’t check the inbox for reference since it’s cluttered with messages from other blogs, not to mention you picky ass people are always changing your usernames, how you expecting to maintain online social links like that (shakes fist!!!!!), so anyone reading this! REBLOG THIS FROM ME, SHOW ME YOUR MUSICAL TASTES AND LET’S BE FRIENDS————- Don’t worry, you don’t have to dump ice cold water on your head

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trying to alleviate the numbers of tabs in your browser by reading archived Wikipedia articles but ending up opening 10 new ones in 10 new tabs for every one read

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as much as I think the trilogy would suck now that I’m older, I totally want  Jackie Chan and a Shanghai Dawn

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Hey yee-all, considering picking up a language, like say the language of all them mango and animu you watch from which you get those Weeabooean base phrases from? Well, consider starting off or learning with me, the guy who has only been studying for two years himself and is no where near being a competent instructor but can at least be that study partner who can answer your certain questions 1 out of 10 times. Episode one of Learning Japanese, presented by becauseofdreams, covers day one introduction; the Hiragana syllabary with vowel sounds, simple consonant sounds and complex consonant sounds; the moraic consonant ん; vowel devoicing, long vowels, long consonants, and pitch accent. Fun, fun, fun. 

There’s also text-based instruction on Japanese Grammar Patterns at my web-page that will continually be updated and currently needs to be updated to reach a passable state of presentation. 

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so basically painted the best thing I’ve ever brushed in my life last night
power to the people’s hands

so basically painted the best thing I’ve ever brushed in my life last night

power to the people’s hands

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The most relatable thing Bluetooth technology invented was awkward encounters w/ people talking to their inconspicuous earpiece and not you

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