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God invented Saturdays for anime, actual time for cooking, meals in dish/bowl hybrids with sporks, and people being complacent in the clothes they slept in and bedhead - hip hip 

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will be speed-catching up on sweeet ass online so incoming spam

terra formars review post incoming later as well

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ew I got B+ on my midterm gr0ss

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this week has been so fucked up for academically and anime-demically - my favorite shows of the whole year so far concluded ;( first with Haikyuu!! Saturday night/Sunday morning  (I stayed up til 6 am catching up on the manga which is Aceeee+++++++, pun intended), was already sick at that point so Haikyuu!! was pretty much the only thing I got out of bed to do that day - Sunday was basically the same thing it fucking took me more than 12 hours to do my discrete mathematics hw then I had to spend the rest of the day studying for fucking midterm and vocab quiz, Monday all day midterm, Tuesday the day of the midterm but the asshole prof had to make it 8pm - 10 pm, so fuck that, more importantly, MY BELOVED HUNTER X HUNTERAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH s(spent this morning catching up on manga and HOT FUCKING DAMN IT GET GOOD) , Wednesday fucking cs project part one due, but I regrettably left most of the work to my partner ‘cause I’m a worthless fuck - and now we reach Thursday, I can finally nap an d probably will after this oncoming food coma - I don’t like this fucking lifestyle, didn’t get to pick up the pen one fucking time, no passion from anything other than the music I listened to between classes and the 2 shows I watched this week. fuck school that is all

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ambassador of those intruding white overlaid titles that distract your attention from the actual art on the screen

ambassador of those intruding white overlaid titles that distract your attention from the actual art on the screen

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I feel like throwing up

& throwing down 

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spent 2.5 hours trying to figure out how to start my cs homework and opening a bunch of tabs and not typing one line of code

then realized there was skeleton code provided and finished it all in 2.5 hours - SKELETON CODE. IT HELPS. HELLA.

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I was not born onto this Earth to post more pictures of myself than pictures of anime, but there’s the reasoning

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Has the American Marvel or DC comic-verse reached the point where its lore is more extensive than Greek mythology yet?

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this stupid job employment scam posters fliers in the college building I frequent

I’m  going to tear down any of their fliers I see next because they wasted 4 minutes of my time

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come on proffy, just let me into the class so I don’t have to do your assignments, projects and study for the first midterm in vainnn

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imma go scour the boardwalk empire tag before starting hw (or some shit) because it’s lonely watching a fucked up show al0one

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all i did was get home and eat a buncha shit and it’s dark already


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i’m home and i’m  a presence

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Eavesdropping on a girl talking to her schoolmate:

Don’t do a morning discussion,
Don’t do a morning lab,
Don’t do a morning lecture.


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