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Shounen Heart
Shounen Heart

HOME MADE 家族 | Shounen Heart

[Eureka seveN 2nd opening]

Can you remember the melody I used to hum?
(Back in the Days)
Every memory is shining brightly (So)
You gotta remember, even now you have a fragment of a dream in your hand
Like back then (Come on!)
It shines like a young boy’s heart

When I wrote about my “future dreams,” how many years have passed since then?
While swinging between reality and idealization, my burning passion disappeared
Wait! Hey, wait up!
This game is only starting, get hyped! Get hyped!
It’s a game over only when you give up
So stand up under your own strength

Whenever I’m asking what my favorite song is, and I forget to take this one into consideration! The lyrics are a representation of a lifestyle-

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