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Square Enix threw a special event for Kingdom Hearts in Japan at Venus Fort where images from the entire series were projected onto a castle. The Kingdom Hearts 3D premier event took place earlier this month and today Square Enix released videos from the show so it’s almost like seeing Riku ride a lightcycle in person.

Check out scenes from the show by clicking on “special” on the official Kingdom Hearts 3D site.

HOLY SHIT, GUYS. I STARTED TEARING UP IN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS OF THIS VIDEO. First of all, I have to give some damn specialized props of the video direction. I mean, you would think to have a video of this premiere event, they would just use the footage from still cameras and whatnot. But I have to say, there’s a very subtle use of panning in slow motion and other techniques that just really add on to the whole atmosphere of the event. Touche’ Square Enix staff, touche’.

Okay, getting to the second point. I’ve never really been able to imagine an event of place I could go to and just be automatically rendered teary-eyed and heartfelt, like inevitably. To be honest, I thought the first kind that I would consider that would be some kind of One Piece event, but so far all they have is an amusement park and replica of the ship, which isn’t so much heartfelt as much as epic. So I’m not sure if I would be so emotional on the teary-eyed spectrum of things if I came across that. But from the moments I was watching this video, I really thought it was magical. Too bad really that this probably a one-thing celebration for the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary. Definitely deserves to be a bucket list contender for me. The girl in the last GIF crying(?), I KNOW YOUR FEEL. Q x Q

Happy 10th Anniversary Kingdom Hearts! You are an amazingly magical franchise.
Thank you,

Source: square-enix.co.jp
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